We have successfully completed thousands of projects

Over the years, SoftC Company has successfully performed a diverse variety of projects for many industries and business fields. Our technical expertise is good enough to successfully work out, fulfill, and launch a project of any type and complexity from small custom projects to large enterprise solutions. We are proud to provide clients with our strong software development knowledge, project management skills, intercultural experience, close communication, and collective liability. We strive to stay cost-competitive software providers, applying our technical proficiency to deliver exceptional and high-quality services.


SoftC Projects

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Trauma Anatomy

Trauma Anatomy is a virtual reality project allotted to coach students and medical workers in various healthcare facilities. To realize this task, we used such technologies as Unity 3D Mixed Reality Toolkit Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset with Motion Controllers. The project is implemented with the help of a Unity3D engine. To make motion controllers work easier we utilized Mixed Reality Toolkit Asset. Finally, we have designed a multipurpose character controller.

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Hello Day

This software app will help you to support your health all the year round and particularly manage your well-being by informing you of discomforts, following the Hello Day medicines, assessing your needs to determine how to enhance your overall health, and following the advice of natural health specialists. The app will offer you lifestyle and dietary tips, a special system to identify special products...

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Baby App

This is a baby diary app which includes feeding log, diaper change log, planned nursing meetings, baby growth main phases, and development track. It gathers stats and useful info about the children. You can add kids profiles and create such events as feeding, sleeping, bathing, walking and so on. The app calculates the child's BMI based on the latest statistics. The main screen...

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Business: e-Commerce, Social Network Development
Environment: MVVM + FlowController
Technology: Reactive Cocoa, Mantle
The app designed by SoftC Company is perfect to easily get rid of not needed things. It includes an e-Commerce platform with the ability to keep products online and buy them. It also works as a social platform for app users to communicate and easily locate the stored goods. The potential audience of this app is college students.

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All-in-One Warehouse

When you run a large-scale company or organization, it's of great importance to know that all the processes work smoothly and all data is recorded adequately. SoftC developers assisted the client, the worldwide known wholesale retailer to track the work controlled by the facility’s management and employees be it is planning on a daily basis, management, report generation, materials and resources movement and data gathering. 

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WorkshopChat is a mobile software for daily communication betwixt clients and machine workshop mechanics. With WorkshopChat machine shop technicians can decrease the number of entry phone calls to the repair shop. Clients can just push the button WorkshopChat App on their smartphone and immediately receive all the needed info. Our task was to create real-time reporting & communication software for aftermarket business native to IOS and Android.

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Mobile Payment Solution

This is a perfect mobile payment project which makes it possible to pay online for somebody's purchase in real-time and from any corner of the world. This solution manages all the circumstances when it is necessary to delegate a payment. It helps care-dependent people to delegate their payments to a trustee in an easy and safe way.  

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Token Wallet

The task was to create an iOS and Android own cryptocurrency wallet in Etherium blockchain to help manage token. Development of wallet app contains generation of 12-word mnemonic and derivation private key and address from it. Use a four-unit code to simplify and speed up access to your account. The app comprises of the following: Balance and transaction history, Exchange rates of ETH relative to BTC and Euro, Creation...

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Money EXE

We have created the app which makes it possible to browse rates of National Banks of most world currencies comparative to each other, install 5 complex rates, calculate currency exchange rates. This app is part of the most popular one, which consists of a plug-in for the website, that helps to make currency conversion in such browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, and FireFox, inform currency exchange rates.